Most expensive to cheap haircuts around the world

Hair cut salon

I love getting a hair cut when visiting new places. It allows me to engage in some light conversation with the locals. Talking to them gives you a glimpse of every day life in their city (from cost of living to local politics). There is no guarantee that you get a good hair cut as most often your communication gets lost in translation.

(all in USD)

  • Te Anau, New Zealand $25
  • New York, USA $23
  • Kagoshima, Japan $17
  • Montreal, Canada $15
  • Coimbra, Portugal $7
  • Prague, CZ $7
  • Pamukale, Turkey $6
  • Cuenca, Ecuador $5
  • Buenos Aires, AR $4.5
  • Oaxaca, Mexico $4
  • Kiev, Ukraine $4
  • Medellín, Colombia $3.5
  • Kuala Lumpur, MY $3
  • Mawlamyine, Myanmar $2.5
  • Cusco, Peru $2
  • Chennai, India $1.5


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