Hong Kong in 72 hours / 3 days

nye fireworks Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the first developed mega cities in Asia. Hong Kong is a city of skyscrapers. Only Tokyo and Shanghai can come close to it. Many travelers use HK as a stop over city on their way to China, Japan or other parts of Asia.

But HK city has many interesting things if you allow yourself a few days. I visited HK to celebrate the 2019 New Years eve as I heard HK throws one of the best firework displays in the world. I took the opportunity to do some hiking and walking around the old historic city where the British settled and colonized a tiny piece of China.

Here is a rough itinerary of what you can do in 72 hours.

Day 1

  • Walk around Victoria Harbor. The harbor front is the best place to see the Hong Kong skyline. Especially when you walk along the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tshi waterfront you can get a panoramic view of the Island. The water glitters in the night time as it reflects the lights from the skyscrapers. Victoria harbor is a natural harbor. It separates the island from the Kowloon Peninsular in the north. The island became the strategic trading port of British empire because of its sheltered waters and the location close to China.
  • Museums are great to visit on a rainy day. Hong Kong Museum of History is a great museum to learn about British colonial history. Most museums are free to visit on Wednesdays.
  • Kowloon Park – Kowloon Park is the largest public park in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The park is well manicured and has a Chinese pagoda and a small lake with walking paths and benches. There is also a big mosque at the corner of the park. The mosque is impressive with its four minarets and a dome.
  • Symphony of lights ave of stars – Hong Kong’s skyline is illuminated with multi-media shows symbolising the city’s dynamic energy and contrasting culture.
  • The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is one of the cheap ways to see the city around you. Go in the night time for best views.

Day 2

  • Mong kok market – If you are looking for some bustle and hustle you must visit the Mong Kok market. The neon lit historic streets of Mong Kok market are worth visiting while you are in HK even if you are not looking to do any shopping.
  • Pottinger street – A cobble stone laid street that goes steep up the hill is a great way to get some workout. Watch for many interesting stores and displays along the way.
  • Victoria peak 360 view – Catch the Bus no. 15 from the Central Bus Terminus to the viewing spot. The entrance to the viewing terrace is a little pricey. On NYE the entrance is free. This is the best place to see the fireworks. But be prepared for a big crowd.
  • Jamie mosque – Oldest mosque in Hong Kong,
  • PMQ – Mixed use art space containing some interesting art and design.
  • Man Mo temple – Beautifully adorned with dozens of incense spirals the interior of the Man Mo temple of visually pleasing. The temple is a tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo).
  • Possession street –  British colonial rule started here in Possession street about 150 years ago. Now the area is filled with hip restaurants and boutique shops.

Day 3

  • The Ten Thousand Buddha temple – This is a mid 20th century Buddhist temple located in Sha Tin, HK. As you walk up the stairs to the top of the hill you will notice Buddha statues shaped in different sizes on both sides of the stairs.
  • Tian Tan Buddha is a large bronze statue of Buddha located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. The statue symbolises the harmonious relationship between man, nature, people and faith.
  • Transformer famouse Yik Cheong Monster building complex is a great example of dense urban living,
  • Lan Kwai Fong night life – Round up your three day journey with your night in Lan Kwai Fong area. Filled with pubs, karaoke clubs and bars it might be the best place to relax before you take off from Hong Kong.
The giant buddha status in Lantau Island is a sight worth seeing in HK

If you have more time to spend in Hong Kong you must visit the fishing village of Sai Kung market. It is located on the eastern part of the New Territories.

Food to try

  • Tsim Chai new noodle shop Yan gallery
  • Takoyaki balls – Shop 5, 579 Nathan Road Curry leaf buffet lunch 88
  • Woodlands restaurant dosa
  • Paisano pizzería
  • Hong Kong waffles
  • Dumplings