Great Barrier Reef is still alive and kicking

Great Barrier in Australia

We’ve all heard it before, the Great Barrier Reef is dead.  Well, that is simply not true.  The reef is still very much alive and in my opinion still a bucket list item. I have the privilege of working at the Great Barrier Reef as an underwater photographer and divemaster.  Every day I get to show people the largest reef system on this planet! 

The sea life that resides beneath this deep blue water is just so beautiful.  However while the reef is still alive it is still under a lot of pressure from many environmental impacts.  Seeing the reef in person is really what opens people’s eyes and starts a conversation to make change. Although the reef is far from pristine, it is still one of the best managed and healthiest reef systems on this planet. 

I created a video of my underwater journey to give you a glimpse of what I see in my routine dives. It shows you why we must do our best to protect the reef.  At the moment, climate change and over fishing are two of the biggest threats to our oceans.  I know these are big issues but by making small changes in our lives we can help turn the tide and save our reef systems.  The goal of this video is to inspire you to visit Australia and see the Great Barrier Reef in person; hopefully it motivates you to join the movement in saving the reef as well.

Diving in Great Barrier reef

This is a guest post by Angelina Pilarinos. Scroll below for more info.

About the author Angelina:

Angelina Pilarinos is an underwater and travel photographer.  She has been traveling the world since 2015 and landed in Australia in 2017 to work as an underwater photographer on the Great Barrier Reef.  She is currently based out of Port Douglas, Australia working for Calypso Reef Cruises.  Angelina has a strong passion for the ocean and hopes that her work will deliver audiences to an underwater realm witnessed by few.

You can check her website and follow her Instagram feed for more videos and photos of her travels.