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As of today, the devastating Covid-19 / Coronavirus has claimed a huge death toll across the world. Cases continues to rise higher but the rate of growth has slowed down significantly.

The epicenter of the crisis has moved to Latin America with Brasil, Mexico and Peru taking the brunt of the impact.

Just look at the status of cases/deaths/recoveries between March 3rd and today. You see an exponential increase in the number of cases/deaths of epic proportions.

Almost three months ago, I published an article on the topic of Covid impact on our lifestyle. At that time, Europe was the epicenter of the Virus (centered around Italy and Spain). But by the end of April the epicenter has moved to U.S with cases rising at an alarming rate from 0 to a million cases in just 2 months. Then in June, the virus wave moved slowly to Latin America. Suddenly the places like Mexico and Brasil where the case numbers seemed tamed have started to see the same numbers going up rapidly. We can argue that some of these countries like Brasil and Mexico acted slowly to lock down much of the economic activities in their country (at the cost of ignoring the evidence and opinions from experts).

On the other hand India, Argentina, Russia, Colombia and Ukraine moved early on to close their borders and implement strict lockdowns but the cases in these countries still have caught up fast and the virus has started to spread exponentially in these countries. So the theory of locking down early to contain the virus doesn’t prove to be so sound. Perhaps it is something to do with the lax habits of not wearing masks and maintaining social distancing might have contributed to the increase in numbers.

Much of the world is still closed to tourists. Some countries like India and U.S are still running humanitarian flights to bring back their citizens back to their countries. But some countries have started to open up their country internally for tourism.

As Europe is leading the recovery, some countries in Europe have already started to open their borders and welcome tourists with appropriate safety measures. These measures include Covid antibody/PCR testing at immigration, asking travelers to install tracking apps, enforcing a 14 day quarantine either in a institutional facility or at a solitary residence. For example Ukraine expects incoming travelers (and not residents) to install the state-developed Dil Vdoma app on their phones right after passing Passport control.

Here is a short list of the countries in Europe that have started to welcome tourists.


Montenegro was the first country to open its borders to over 100 countries now. The country is heavily reliant on tourism.

Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro


Tourism activities have started to open slowly in Croatia. The country has opened its borders to a few EU nations. <BR><BR> Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Plitvice, Croatia
Plitvice, Croatia


Borders are opened on July 1st to EU citizens and UK residents.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany


From June 15, Greece will open its borders to 29 countries. Tourism is a major source of income for Greece. Greece received 34 million visitors last year. Albania, Australia, Austria, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, Israel, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania, New Zealand, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Czech Republic, and Finland.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece


On May 30th, Ukraine announced opening of its borders to those foreign nationals who have opened their borders to Ukrainians. More details to come.

Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine

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