The top 6 reasons to why Tunisia should be your next nomadic destination

El Djam Roman ruins in Tunisia

Tunisia may not be in the top of the list where adventures happen but I can give you some compelling reasons why one should consider Tunisia as their next nomadic destination.

Digital nomads are known to be a bunch of fearless and adventurous people. Taking risks, finding new locations, exploring new destinations are what drives the spirits of Digital nomads from all around the world. And let me introduce you to this new destination – Tunisia.

1. Tunisia is quite inexpensive

Tunisia ranks 126th in the list with the cheapest cost of living out of 135 countries in the world. That information indicates that if you are thinking to have some savings while enjoying your trip then probably you should check this country as an option.

If you love street food or fast food, get ready to spend no more than 5 euros ($4.5 USD) for two meals per day. You can always choose healthy food by trying traditional food in traditional restaurants for the same prices.

Traditional food in Tunisia
Traditional food in Tunisia

Rent can be tricky since there are many owners who are aware of the rental prices abroad and try to “pad” the rental price to take advantage of the naive tourists. But if you spend enough time to research or meet some locals, then you can find a two-bedroom flat for as low as 200 euros ($190 USD) per month.

In addition to necessities like food and rent, transportation means are diverse and frequent, from taxis to public buses to comfortable private buses, metro and trains. Metros and trains in the capital are cheap, only 25 cents for the ticket. However, if you escape to rural areas you probably need to search for transportation means that are specific to that region, but since you chose a rural area then the view and the location will seduce and captivate you into staying in that place.

2. You will discover parts of the world in one country

You have probably heard of Carthage, but that’s not the only civilization in the history of Tunisia. Many other civilizations have come and gone in the past in Tunisia and every civilization left their memorable footprints. You will discover villages that look like a mix of cultural influences from Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Monuments are still preserved in Tunisia. Top historical sites such as El Jam, Carthage, Dougga, Zaghouen and Utica are still trying to preserve Roman and Greek monuments. You can search for tours in TripAdvisor (or even local agencies or associations) to find events where you can go hiking or sightseeing in these places.

El Djam Roman ruins in Tunisia
El Djam Roman ruins in Tunisia

3. Looking to get that tan?

Digital nomads mostly search for countries that have beaches. Tunisia has the most beautiful sandy and sunny beaches in the world. You can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, take a boat trip and dive into the blue sea’s different locations for a memorable experience.

El Haouaria beach in Tunisia
El Haouaria beach in Tunisia

The most luxurious hotel you can find in Tunisia will offer you the best services and entertainment packages if you want to explore the coastal area. However, if you are not a hotel kind of person, you might choose from a variety of vacation rentals with feet in sand experience.

4. Friendly hosts and welcoming locals

In Tunisia, locals are hospitable to visitors and some even welcome you in their houses and offer their food at any time of the day. It’s a cultural quality, they are born that way – warm and cozy. Tunisians travel a lot and it is not unusual for them to know a lot about different countries, even if they have not visited your country it is likely that one of their friends or family members has already been there.

I cannot generalize since there are some good and bad experiences everywhere. I am sure if you are a nice and smart person you will have great stories to tell about your experience with the locals. Even though English is not necessarily a strong point in Tunisia, you can still communicate with people, and you will find that they have the patience to invest in understanding you.

Traditional hospitality in Tunisia
Traditional hospitality in Tunisia

5. Technological development

Freelance and digital nomads are new concepts in Tunisia. The country came 43rd out of the total global number of online freelance workers with 5,884 freelancers. This rank indicates that the country is still evolving in terms of technology and IT knowledge which makes it a new target for freelancers and nomads.

“Like most countries across the region, Tunisia has an immense, untapped potential in its large number of educated and talented young people and women” said Ferid Belhaj, World Bank Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa. With the start-up act, Tunisian youth are evolving into the new era of digitalization and advanced technology. This will probably give you the opportunity to do mentorship programs in those regions which will give you the opportunity to have more audience and young people who are eager to learn especially from digital nomads.

6. Coworking Spaces and developed capital

You would rather stay in the capital near all the facilities, my recommendation would be to settle in the northern suburbs like Lac, Le Kram, Carthage, La Marsa, Sidi Bou Said and Gammarth… to have a safer and more stable lifestyle. This area is more developed where you can find coffee shops with high speed internet access and excellent coffee to do your nomad work lifestyle. Also you can access all entertainment facilities from bars to nightclubs and even big malls for shopping like Tunisia mall. You will also find people that are more educated with a better mind set.

The number of coworking spaces in the capital are growing as we speak. The first one, Cogite, was built and established in 2013 and now more than 10 other coworking spaces are popping up all over the country, with spaces where you can watch a movie or swim in the swimming pool or go to the gym for breaks.

Cogite Coworking Space in Tunis, Tunisia
Cogite Coworking Space in Tunis, Tunisia

So, 3aslema to Tunisia.

Guest Blogger
Uma is a guest blogger and a digital nomad who doesn't like to be tied to one location.