Sapa, Vietnam

Why one must visit Sapa, Vietnam?

Taking the train from Hanoi to Sapa is such a memorable journey that one must experience in their lifetime.

Covid EU Traveler

So which countries are open for travels?

As of today, the devastating Covid-19 / Coronavirus has claimed a huge death toll across the world. Cases continues to rise higher but the rate of growth has slowed down significantly.

Corona Virus Travel

Countries most depend on Tourism affected by Covid-19

Amid the Covid-crisis countries dependent on Tourism are suffering. Some countries started to open in mid to late June but still much of the damage has already been done. Here is a list of countries that will feel the major impact to their economies thanks to Covid..

Home Office in the woods

Ideal places for Social distancing

Where would you establish your home base to practice self isolation, social distancing and above all connect with the nature?

Praque Klementinum

Libraries around the world

I am a big fan of using public libraries for borrowing books, using conference rooms and high speed internet. Sometimes they host free educational events as well. Above all I like them for the beautiful architecture.

Corona Virus Travel

Safest countries from Corona Virus

At the moment the virus is sweeping across the globe like wildfire leaving some tragic news along the way. Some countries are worst affected than others. U.S, Italy, Spain, China and France are on the top of the most affected countries from COVID-19 virus.

Santa Fe de Antioquia center

Santa fe de Antioquia – A beautiful pueblo

Situated just under two hours away from Medellin, the former capital of Antioquia, Santa Fe is a sleepy town filled with colonial history. The climate is much hotter and humid compared to Medellin due to its low altitude (the elevation is only 500 meters) from sea level.

Strong Dollar Coronavirus

CoronaVirus and Strong Dollar

Most currencies around the world are making new lows against the strong dollar. Ironically as a Digital Nomad/traveler one cannot take advantage of the strong dollar situation because of Corona Virus and closure of borders.

NYC Times Square empty corona virus

How Corona Virus is impacting Tourist attractions

CornoaVirus aka covid-19 aka Wuhan Virus has literally brought the tourist industry to a standstill. Major attractions from Times Square in New York to Taj Mahal in India has been closed temporarily with few tourists taking risks to walk around to take photos.

Mynamar covid free

Safest countries from Covid-19 virus

As the rates of deaths from contagious virus Coronovirus (Covid-19) continues to rapidly increase across the world, there are still a handful of countries that are relatively virus free.