Chiang Mai surrounding

When to go to Chiang Mai

It is a no surprise that Chiang Mai is one of the top places for Digital Nomads. Due to pleasant all year around weather, low cost of living, access to nature and temples, delicious thai food and fast internet connection, Chiang Mai has quickly became the destination where many Digital Nomads flock.

Travel tech tools

Technologies to enhance your travel experience

Traveling has changed quite a bit over the last decade thanks to fast paced changes in Technology. The competition we see in the travel industry combined with new innovations in travel related products have made traveling a walk in the park.

Traveling Former Yugoslavia in two weeks

My travel path around the former Yugoslavia region started in Slovenia and then made my way south traveling along the beautiful Adriatic coast to Croatia and Montenegro. Then I headed up north to Bosnia and Serbia. I skipped Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo due to volatile security situation at that time.

Sarajevo, Bosnia

So what the heck is Yugoslavia?

This article is a two part series. In the first part we will look at Yugoslavia from a historical perspective. In the second part we will go over a two week itinerary to visit the countries that made up the block formerly named Yugoslavia.

Travel safe

How to keep your travel safe and sound?

If you are a frequent traveler you must have experienced the good, bad and the ugly side of travel. Well let’s hope you didn’t *actually* experienced the ugly side. For example getting a surprise upgrade to Business class would be a good experience. Or being hosted by some random local who is trustworthy is a […]

Capurgana, Colombia

Top warm places to escape this winter

Winter is upon us {applicable to those who live in northern hemisphere). Welcome to sub-zero temperatures, snowstorms, gray skies, short days and long nights. Prolonged winter season can be depressing to mental health. You look forward the winter to be over soon but it won’t end soon. If you are one of those lucky who can take a break to escape the winter then we have some recommendations for you depending on how much break time you have in your calendar.

Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

How I did Scotland in two weeks

Scotland is the northern most part of United Kingdom. Many travelers visit U.K but never venture out north of England and totally miss out on what Scotland has to offer. This is true of even for the British people. What is great about Scotland is the wilderness, the nature, highlands, medieval castles, forests, free wild outdoor camping areas, loch ness, museums, golf courses, summer festivals and maritime history.

Top travel and food shows to watch

While traveling there is always some downtime where you want to lay back and relax. And probably watch some series on Netflix or Youtube. I usually go for some travel shows for some entertainment value and also to get a historical perspective on events that occurred in a certain date/location. With that in mind I came up with a list of my favorite tv series / documentaries that can be interesting to you as well.

Coffee with moka espresso maker

Best countries for Coffee experience

Do you know that after Oil, Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world with almost half a trillion cups consumer per year. So now in terms of which countries produce the cacao beans in the world:

Park Guell

Mediterranean coast of Spain in Two weeks

There is nothing like traveling the mediterranean coast of Southern Europe by road. Calm sunny beaches, seafood, rocky cliffs, small towns and villages built along the coast and has been inhabited for centuries. If you don’t have much time to hit all the spots in Southern Spain you can follow my recommendations on these places. […]