Walk around Bukchon Hanok, Seoul, South Korea

What to do in Seoul in 72 hours?

Are you looking for a 3 day itinerary in Seoul?

This might be the guide for you to provide you a day by day itinerary on how to explore one of the most vibrant cities in South Korea, Seoul.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Tayora’s Travel Blog Mission

There are a million blog web sites with content focused towards Travel and Adventure. We don’t pretend our blog to be better than the ones that already exists. However what we intend to provide is an unique angle / perspective on travel that can help travelers with planning their trip. For instance we want to […]

What to do in Croatia in 14 days

The best time to visit Croatia is when it is off-tourist season. Which means avoid going there between May and September as every place I will mention in this article will be crowded with tourists. I was there in April and it was still slightly touristy in places like Dubrovnik. The towns along the dalmatian […]